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Search Engine Optimization or Web optimization is a part of search engine marketing that aims at improving the volume and quantity of traffic to a website through the search engines using organic or algorithmic search results.
website development services I have never thought about having a web site designed for me ? Can Webcrea help?
Webcrea is competent for meeting your web site designing needs. Whether you are an individual, or manage a business or a large company, Webcrea will help you customize your website as well as promote the website to targeted potential customers. To know more, speak to our web expert or send a mail at

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website development services Website Content-What should I place on my website?
That would depend on the projection and scope of your website. If you plan a normal business website, you may include basic information about your business, products or services in order to target your customers.

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website development services How long does it take to develop a website ?
It depends on the scope and projections of your proposed website. We take 2 to 4 weeks for designing normal individual & small websites, 4 weeks to 3 months for medium business websites and 3 or more months for large and extra-ordinary websites.

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website development services Can Webcrea create a custom flash website ?
We have the in-house expertise in designing flash based websites with expert Search Engine Optimization techniques so that your flash site could be indexed well by search engines. For better positioning, it is mandatory that any website should be prima-facie indexed by search engines. To enquire about flash development e-mail us at

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website development services When do I need to pay for my website?
As per our stipulated policy, you need to pay us an upfront advance fee not less than 50% of proposed cost. On completion and final approval, remaining balance will have to be paid.

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website development services Can Webcrea help me assess and re-design my existing website?
Yes, we have the expertise in assessing and re-designing the existing websites. With our sophisticated technology, latest trends and expertise we will provide your site the identity and attention it deserves.
website development services It is seen that you support Microsoft Back office products. Does that mean my website will be designed keeping in mind internet explorer?
You should notice that our site could be viewed by your Netscape or other brand of browser too. Our designs take into consideration all the major browsers as well as their legacy versions.

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website development services What is site maintenance ?
Most websites are updated regularly for fresh content. Updating website with fresh content will keep your visitors coming back. We charge reasonable fee to keep your site updated with new contents that you provide.

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website development services What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is practice of making your website compatible to Search Engine algorithm for better search rankings. According to wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "search engine optimization is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings". SEO is an on-going practice with emphasis on 'off-page' and 'on-page' optimization in order to attract the search engine spiders and increase visibility.
website development services How does search Engine Optimization impact our business positively?
Search Engine Optimization can drastically transform the profitability quotient of your business by increasing the visibility of your website and directing targeted traffic to it. Whether you are a pure online marketer and rely completely on selling products or services through web portals or an entrepreneur using the internet as an ancillary tool, SEO is essential for sustained long-term gains. A top-10 ranking as compared to a Top-30 ranking has a considerable difference in the number of visitors to a site. With a Top-10 rank you can expect 300-400 clicks per day for a popular product or category. However, the clicks may reduce to 10-15 only if your website ranking drops from top-10 into the top-30s. The difference is drastic. Proper Search Engine Optimization methodologies can reap great profits for your business when applied effectively.
website development services Can we take care of our website & online business optimization ourselves?
You can take care of your website and online business yourself provided you have the determination, patience and know-how to handle a search engine market. You also need to be aware of search engine algorithms. So, if you are ready to work consistently on your website and employ the right techniques, you will not need an SEO firm for web promotions. Else, it is best to seek professional help.
website development services In what way can we provide us with better services than others in the industry?
Webcrea provides dedicated SEO services in comparison to its competitors. A majority of other firms adopt generic or outdated methods that compromise your rankings. Webcrea employs the latest techniques and believes in a systematic approach customized to meet the requirements of its clients in order to achieve demonstrable improvement in search engine rankings and website visibility.
website development services Are search engine rankings guaranteed?
Search engine rankings are almost guaranteed if you choose Webcrea as your service provider because our experts keep themselves up-to-date on the algorithms adopted by the Search Engines. Results on popular search engines testify to the professionalism and expertise of our consultants. We do guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with regard to improved search engine rankings.
website development services What do paid inclusion services refer to?
Paid inclusion is condition where the search engine company charges fees to include a website in their search database. Paid inclusion services are offered by most of the search engine companies. However Google does not offer paid inclusion services.
website development services How long before the results show?
Results may start appearing within the first month itself in Search engines like MSN and may be also on Yahoo. This is because Yahoo and MSN includes your website quickly in their database listing. Google generally takes a little longer before the results starts appearing.
website development services What are Webcrea’s SEO pricing plans?
Webcrea’s SEO pricing plans vary on project to project basis. It all comes down to how much work, on-page and off-page both, is needed for your website. SEO pricing will also vary after an analysis of your target market and market competition. If we focus on a tough competition market, costing of SEO is likely to be higher. Refer our SEO Pricing section or send us an RFP form and we will respond you immediately.

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