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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is also known as internet marketing as well as SEM, which helps you in increasing visibility in internet. Webcrea.in offers you search engine marketing program which includes submission of your website in all leading search engines, country specific search engines, directories, product specific directories, pay per click program and managing trade leads.
It is an opportunity for any organizations or the marketing firm to advance his website to the extent that it is seen amongst the initial websites of the first few pages without violating the terms of different search engines. The trend of the internet marketing and online advertising is never stable and it is constantly changing therefore it is important to upgrade the marketing strategies or change in order to go with the flow of changing algorithms.

Search engine marketing through submitting your website to leading search engines.
There is a vast difference between search engine optimization and search engine submission. We have expertise in methodology of a right kind of search engine submission. There is different strategy involve in marketing for websites related to different subjects and products. For example, if you wish to promote engineering site it has one strategy and some other company wants to promote chemical site. It has different strategy. The search engine submission involves submitting your website to universal search engines including google, yahoo, altavista, alltheweb, msn and many more, we also understand your target market and submit your website to country specific search engines which are more popular in these countries. If you will not get proper listing in those popular country search engines, you will not get return out of your investment. For example, google has different base for different countries, you can have different listing in different google searches like google.com has one rank with your keyword and google.ca has another positioning of your website with the same keyword. You must of observed many of times that only one page of your website is being listed in search engines because spider can crawl one page, while Webcrea.in takes care of your website where all important pages are listed in the search engines. We closely monitor our web marketing efforts made to your web site through search engines.

Search Engine Marketing Through Submitting Your Website In Directories

There are two types of directories which are most important for search engine marketing purpose. One is general directory which maintains the data of the companies and list them product wise and country wise. For example, dmoz.org. The other directory is product or industry specific directories because many of the prospective buyers are aware of industry specific directories for example the company who is regularly viewing the information of chemical industry must be aware of leading directory like chemnet.com, so if your site is listed in this kind of directory, the chances of getting inquiries are more. Webcrea.in has in depth knowledge of directory submission.
There is a difference between search engine submission and directory search engine submission. Most of the search engines are spider base so any change in product range, profile or contact detail is automatically crawled by the spider and list them in the search engines, while directory submission is a manual process where we have to fill all the information about company, products, contact details and keywords manually, any change has to be maintained manually. We have experience in managing directory listing. Search engine is the most popular tool to promote business directly or indirectly, so most of the directories market their web sites through search engines to get popularity in this way our client gets multiple benefits of search engine marketing i.e. organic way of website listing and indirect way of web site listing in search engines.

Search Engine Marketing Through Posting Trade Leads
Trade leads is the most direct and effective tools of search engine promotion. It highlights when customer is looking for the particular products. Trade leads are always time limited so updating of your trade leads and uploading of your products images becomes very important factor for getting maximum ROI through trade lead management program. We are aware of techniques and methodology of this search engine marketing tool. It may take time to list your website in search engines around six to eight months due to aging delay so if trade leads are managed properly you will get inquiries immediately before your site is being listed in search engines with relevant keywords.

Search Engine Marketing through Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Management Programming

Search Engine Marketing by using Pay Per Click is a very effective and efficient way of promoting website where:-

  • You wish to have marketing of your website with target audience e.g. only pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer OR food colours users, you can target these audience very effectively with smart PPC management campaign.
  • You wish to control your initial marketing budget so here you will only pay if someone clicks on your website.
  • You have product which is more or less country specific so your AD will only appear when someone searches from that specific country only.
  • You want instant result from search engine promotion, this will be the best marketing tool. When someone is marketing his website with organic method i.e. by normal Google Ranking, Yahoo Ranking, MSN Ranking, website takes time to appear with given keywords due to Aging Delay. Here your AD will appear within 24 hrs. and you will start getting business leads.
Search Engine Marketing by In depth Keyword Research
An in-depth keyword research is done so as to ensure that all the keywords are placed in the right places. There are various tools of search engine to check how frequently a given particular keyword is used by the mass. These tools enables to understand that which particular keyword is more relevant or which particular keyword is used more frequently in the Search engines so as to make the content of the website that is SEO friendly and hence improving the chances to get a top search engine ranking of that particular website.
Search Engine Marketing by One Way Link Building
Link popularity building is very important and crucial aspect used for improving the popularity of one particular website in search engine marketing (SEM) or Internet Marketing process. The analysis of link popularity leads to identifying the visibility of your website or the presence of your website in search engine. Search engine is able to find the added links in your website hence defining the position of your website along with revealing the fact that, which sites or pages are linked to your website describing the importance of these links and its productivity for the business that you own. Link popularity research helps in building the popularity of the link of your entire website. This marketing strategy results in valuable promotion of your website in search engine.

Search engines go by a number of websites from a given particular search criteria given by the user. But with the help of link popularity method the relevant websites are found easily by the search engines. Hence Building of link popularity is an important tool for the marketing in search engine or internet marketing.

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